30-Minute Pet Visit ———————————> $25.00 Per Visit

60-Minute Pet Visit———————————-> $35.00 Per Visit

30-Minute Dog Walk ——————————-> $25.00 – $30 Per Walk

60-Minute Dog Walk ——————————-> $35.00 – $40 Per Walk

Overnight Pet Care (10-14 Hours) ———–> $75.00 – $100.00 Per Night

  • Rates are subject to variability depending on several factors including pet size, pet behavior, number of pets, pet medical issues, & longer-than-expected visits.
  • There is a guarantee of quality care for pets under the supervision of B.P.L.A. Potential pet visits will always meet their time-length minimum with attentiveness to the needs & wellbeing of the pet(s) always being a priority during said visits.
  • Inquire in-person about potential discounts that might be available to you for various applicable reasons.